VetBoard - Module II Endocrine

VetBoard – Module II Endocrine – Closed

VetBoardModule II Endocrine
Date Date Sunday 24, Mar
Time Time 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Location Location 2895 Davie Rd, Davie,
FL 33314 (Dunkin Donuts)

Virtual ZOOM
Speaker Speaker Prof. MVZ Renato Ordoñez

After the success of the first hybrid class, we will continue with the same approach for Endocrinology Module II. We will combine in-person presence with online participation, ensuring live practical sessions and resources available on an online platform. Both the in-person and online group will be done in a participatory manner to guarantee a comprehensive educational experience.
Welcome to this innovative class!



VetBoard – Module II Endocrine - Class