Course of Feline Internal Medicine

Discover the Future of Feline Medicine in our Internal Medicine Wet Lab! Join the exciting event presented by Your Vet Academy where your veterinary skills will take a quantum leap. Learn from the experts: Dr. Fabian Minovich, with 30 years of experience in feline internal medicine from Argentina.

Flexible hours: Saturday Oct 28 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday Oct 29 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, in Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption & Protection Center at Doral.
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ClosedOct 2023

Course of Neurology and Veterinary Anesthesiology

Enter the intriguing world of small animal Neurology and Anesthesiology with the successful “II Course in Veterinary Neurology and Anesthesiology”. We introduce you to two prominent experts from Ecuador:  Dr. Fernando Vivar and  Dr. Lucas Cavallieri.  A unique opportunity to strengthen your skills in this vital field of veterinary medicine.
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ClosedMay 2023

Veterinary Neurology Course

Explore the fascinating world of Veterinary Neurology in small animals with the “I Course of Your Vet Academy”! We invite you to an exceptional event in Plantation, Florida, Sep 2022. Under the expert guidance of the distinguished  Dr. Fernando Vivar, renowned neurologist from Ecuador, addressing everything from anatomy to the most challenging neurological disorders.  Take advantage of this intensive learning opportunity in a nurturing environment and learn up close the cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment techniques that are revolutionizing veterinary practice.  Elevate your knowledge and skill in Veterinary Neurology with us!
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ClosedSep 2022